Sunday, February 23, 2014

23 Feb 2014

Last night I finished a hole by about 10pm, which was great considering my shift starts at 7pm. I then drove back into town to drop off core and then essentially relaxed the rest of the night. I had to be on site or at least near the drill rig, so I parked at the only access road to where they were so I could see who was coming and going and be able to deduce what they were doing by who was there.

From about 11pm until 4am I read, napped, listened to music. It was wonderful. I want to say I feel bad about this, but I've worked 252 hours so far this month and as you can see from the title it's only the 23rd. Next time I do one of these projects I'm buying a PSP.

Three shifts left and I've kind of just automated all things that I do.

black, okay set casing
sandy interbedded mudstone, okay stop.

Because the holes are now so short that process takes about 5 hours. Then I go to my truck and do the core drop off followed by stake out a good place for some reading and napping thing. It's then about 12 hours before the whole thing starts over again and since there are two shifts it occasionally happens that I get all 12 rest hours on mine. I also like when my work happens early in the shift like it did last night.

I'm kind of over trying to talk with my coworkers as I don't really care. I've stopped eating in the dining room, ever because I don't really care. I fill out my paperwork and hand it to the manager and ask zero questions because I just don't care. I can do my job 100% on autopilot and spend the rest of my time sleeping and reading. It's kind of like a vacation now, a vacation that has gone on way too long and one where I'm really questioning the destination in the first place.

Also, I'm not going to eat french toast again for the whole rest of 2014.

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