Friday, February 14, 2014

14 Feb 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

This is the third year in a row that I've been on field assignment for Valentine's Day. Jes and I have still yet to celebrate one together. The other two years were down at Sevier Lake. It's funny, I really don't do field work that much, maybe 15% of the year, but every year I'm gone in February.

Last night was all right. I got to work and the rig was ready to get me some core to look at. About four hours later I'd determined we didn't need to go any deeper (that's my real only true purpose out there, look at the rocks to determine when we don't need to go any deeper). I called the wireline guys up and they came out and waited for the drillers to trip out (drill slang for pull out the pipes) so they could put their instruments down the hole and measure the gamma (radiation) & neutron (density).

After this I loaded my samples into the truck and headed to the warehouse to drop them off. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would spend Valentines Day alone pulling a truck into an empty, dimly lit, warehouse in rural Saskatchewan at 4am. I felt like I was about to perform some sort of major heist. I kind of pretended in my head that I was to make things more exciting. Turns out I was just dropping off core and leaving. After stacking the core on a pallet I decided it looked like crap and was going to fall over if a feather landed on in so I re-stacked it on another pallet. My back hurts. I need my wife for massages!

The snow if very deep here. I snapped a photo. I'm leaning against the snow, so it's probably 1.3 meters high (yes this whole blog will be in metrics). You're possibly thinking "oh, but he's in the mountains" which isn't true, because it's Saskatchewan and there are no mountains. There is just over a meter of snow pretty much everywhere. The piles of snow that the plows make in the town are about 3 meters high. It's crazy.

Also, here's a cool shot of the drillers doing their driller stuff. They're such good workers. I like this crew a lot.

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