Sunday, February 9, 2014

09 Feb 2014

Last night was not terribly exciting. My drill rig finally began making some progress and this was happy. As much as I do enjoy sitting around it was nice to actually be useful. The low was -32 C, I really wish it would warm up 10 or 15 degrees because this is kind of miserable. The roads are just solid sheets of ice and my truck has all season tires which sucks. If roads were even half as bad as the ones we drive on our here I would use winter tires without question.

The driller's helper that brings me core is a funny dude. He belongs on a drill crew about as much as I belonged when I sold used cars for a month. He's from Toronto (most drillers are from places with like 1,000 people living in them), weighs maybe 130 lbs, seems fairly well educated, is always imitating foreign accents and doesn't curse at me. I'm pretty sure those are all things that exclude you from a career in drilling. He doesn't seem too terribly convinced that this adventure will go beyond this project though. I tried telling him the benefits of going back to school and pursuing a white collar career.

The drill boss dude is really funny because he's one of those types that can't go 5 words without saying "fuck" but he's also very heavily Canadian so he can't go 5 words without saying "eh" so he's like "Oh fuck it's fuckin cold eh, I think eh that we fucking gotta eh go inside and fucking warm the fuck up eh?" Yep, one of those types. I actually have to really try hard no to laugh whenever he talks.

Anyway, my roommate just got a bit early back from the day shift and I need to eat dinner so this entry is short.

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