Saturday, February 22, 2014

22 Feb 2014

Two nights ago I saw another northern lights show. It was far more amazing that the first one. It had swirling streaks of green light across the sky for about an hour and then they faded into white blotches that would move around and turn on and off. It was incredible. It was also miserably cold. It got back down to -35 C that night.

Two of the geologists have left and been replaced by a couple other guys. The night guy who left was cool and his replacement is a lot ... less cool. In fact his replacement is kind of strange, but I'm trying to like him because I have no reason not to other than that he just generally makes me feel uncomfortable. He does have some racist tendencies, but I think that just comes with the generation. He is probably about 60, though this is not to say all 60 year olds are racist, because the majority are not, it just seems slightly more common among that generation than mine because times were different 40 years ago.

Speaking of racist, my drillers, holy crap. Two of them got on a tangent of middle eastern people and the other driller was like "Hey you might offend someone" and one says "Who we're all Canadian, except him and he's American, they hate middle easterners more than us." I had to correct him for being rather incorrect. I have no problem with people of Middle Eastern descent. He thought because of the World Trade Center bombings that I would, but that was a handful of radicals. Not everyone has that desire and certainly not the ones who choose to come live here. They were slightly surprised by this.

One of them showed me a photo of a huge dead wolf his friend had killed that day and I asked "Why are you showing me a murdered of a wild animal?" and he was shocked that I reacted this way. We then got on the topic of shooting wolves and how they believe that wild wolves are overpopulating the uh.. wilderness.. or something and that it needs to be taken upon the humans to hunt them. I pointed out that the world seemed to control the populations of countless creatures just fine for hundreds of millions of years without humans and that the only reason it appears that wolves are coming into human lands more is because humans lands are expanding further and further into natural wolf habitats. It's really interesting just the difference in philosophy that a natural scientist has than a small town blue collar type person. I could be arrogant and say I am right and they are ignorant, because from my perspective that is clearly the case, but they just see the world differently. It is unfortunate, because a simple understanding of the Earth and how it works should make it quite apparent that it isn't for us to ravage and form to how we want. The Earth has limits and capacities of what it can provide and it serves us and all of our peers we share this beautiful rock with best to respect its limits and capacities. If a wolf is able to survive let it survive. If they are truly becoming overpopulated their food source will restrict what they can eat and the weaker wolves will die of natural causes. Killing the biggest one really hurts natural evolution. Though these morons will almost surely have more kids than me... so maybe Darwinism is struggling a bit, eh?

Canada has me saying eh, I typed that not on purpose. But back to more of the good stuff of Canada. Every morning Venus greets me right above the pre-dawn sky in the southeast. I shot a photo of it here from Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan, which is the town I'm staying in to work on this project. It really is quite beautiful here, even if I'm so beyond ready to go home.

At our drill site tonight there was an abandoned structure with the moon behind it. I'm not much for art or creating a beautifully framed memory, but this just struck me as something I'd want to remember.

Only 4 more sleeps and 4 more shifts until I head for Saskatoon where I'll stay one night before coming home to Salt Lake City and my beautiful wife. I can't wait.

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