Tuesday, February 18, 2014

18 Feb 2014

Week one of any three week geology trip is usually kind of fun. It's this new exciting adventure with new scenery, new rocks and a new area of the world to get to know.

By week two you've become comfortable with the job, you understand the geology well, you've made a few friends with the locals and your drillers and it's all still new enough to be fun.

Week three is garbage. The locals annoy you, the drillers all smell like smoke, the geology is now boring, you're sick of all the food in the town and you become sleep deprived because you only get 12 hours of personal time per day in which to fit your eating, showering, skypeing and sleeping. Week 3 sucks.

Starting today I'm on my third week in Hudson f*cking Bay, the crappiest crap heap of all the crap Canadian prairie crap towns. Okay it's not actually that bad, but it's week three so it feels like it is. I would like to be just about anywhere in the world over here. Honestly Milford, Utah would be wonderful. At least in Milford I would have a motel to stay in that didn't smell like a combination of diarrhea and cigarettes. At least in Milford I would have my own damn truck to go get groceries at a grocery store. At least in Milford I would be reasonably warm... I can go on, but the point is Milford sucks. Hudson Bay makes me miss the place.

Last night was a night. The sun went down then it came back up. I'm sick of all the food here so I don't even eat much anymore, I now throw away half of my lunch and dinner because eating more makes me want to gag. The only thing I'm not sick of is their french toast, but I can only have that for breakfast (which is more like dinner to be because of the whole night shift thing).

My flight now leaves on the 27th rather than the 26th. I'll be staying the night of the 26th in civilization at least (Saskatoon). I imagine they'll have decent food there and probably people that don't talk in a Canadian hick accent.

It's not that bad, I'm just in a grumpy mood today.. but it IS a little bit bad. I am definitely on week 3.

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