Monday, February 17, 2014

17 Feb 2014

I missed a couple nights, but in reality it wasn't really much to write about. I thought this blog would be an exciting account of my adventures in Canada, but it's turned out to be quite a boring adventure. Nothing like the excitement that Sevier Lake was. Luckily also nothing like the hard work that Ashley Creek was.

Let me recap what happened at the job on the 15th:
I read a book. Oh, and this happened to the driller:
I guess he didn't sleep well the previous day?

Let me recap what happened at the job on the 16th:
I read a book and then I looked at rocks and wrote on some core tubes.

I did get kicked out of my room on the 15th though. Apparently the client didn't reserve rooms in time to get enough for us so when a bunch of snow mobilers came in on the weekend there weren't enough rooms, because the rest of the motel is full of lumberjacks, because all Canadian stereotypes are true, because run-on sentence, I know, and a bunch of us had to share rooms. I got put in the a room with 3 other geologists (2 day/2 night) which was better than the situation of a lot of people. The guys are all have good hygiene and none of them smoke, but still it kind of sucked having to fall asleep to the wonderful sounds of a coworker snoring in the other bed. I sleep with earplugs, because the walls of this motel are made from paper mache, and even through those I could hear the snoring. Once I got to sleep I was able to stay asleep though.

Today when I got back (at about 8:00, which I was not too terribly thrilled about) I was able to check back into my old room and its wonderful yellow bathroom walls, trash bags in the window to keep the light out, a handwritten "do not disturb" sign (handwritten by me) 45 watt incandescent bulbs. I won't miss this place. My supervisor at home said "The way to judge a good back woods motel is that it keeps the snow off of you when you sleep. Some of them don't." Well, this one is successful at that, but fails in just about every other aspect. Including the creepy ass clown painting.

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