Thursday, February 13, 2014

13 Feb 2014

I'm pretty much over being in Canada. It hasn't been above 0 degrees F since I've been here. Even in Calgary I'm pretty sure it was below 0 the whole time and I know for certain that the warmest it has been in Saskatchewan is -19 C which is right about at zero. It's just kind of getting miserable. Not to mention I've not seen the sun in a little over a week now, save for a sunrise and occasional peeks at it as I walk to and from the diner. This kind of work shift can cause serious depression.

I didn't do much last night. I finished my Voyager book and snapped a few photos for my coworkers back home. The drill spent the entire evening cementing an old well and setting up on a new one. I'm hoping the day time crew was able to get some work done.

This motel is going to be the death of me. Not only is it super ghetto, but it smells like cigarettes. The smoking rooms and non-smoking rooms share a hallway so the whole place smalls like smoke. You can't just assume that because the rooms are separated by a few meters the scent understands this and stays on its side.

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